eCommerce Web Design Tips

An ecommerce website is the gateway for your business to the world wide web of online trade. Gone are those days when you need to have a solid brick, physical store in order to run a successful retail business, and welcome to the world of ecommerce.

Ecommerce is an activity of engaging in business online. As many people now shop online, ecommerce has become a principal economic activity globally. In order to keep up with this trend, ecommerce websites have taken the lead in the online world.

Ecommerce websites have their own unique character in which they must be designed to lead visitors to perform one simple task of making an online purchase. A web designer needs to consider a variety of online selling principles while designing an ecommerce website.

You may be wondering why ecommerce website design is different from any other website design. They must be designed to encourage visitors to buy products and stay longer on the site so that they can spend more.

Your ecommerce website must look professional. Using professional graphics and layout, easy to use navigation and good organization as well as effective site structure will all contribute to a professional outlook of your web presence.

When planning your ecommerce website design architecture, always have your customers in mind. The moment they come to your website they should be able to know what you are selling without stress.

Highlight some of your products using a simple flash intro. If you offer a money back guarantee or free shipping, this should be visible at first glance. Strategically position your products categories on the homepage, have a side bar with a list of all your products together with a product drop down menu on the main menu bar.

Your ecommerce website design should allow your customers to navigate from one product category to another. Let there be options to view shopping cart and options to add and delete items be available for a great user friendly shopping experience.

Add an option for visitors to your site to check out your product, you can still get their email information to send those offers, order confirmation and a thank you message during the checkout. So there is no need to force them to sign up.

A lot of ecommerce websites have only two options: account creation option for new customer and sign in option for the returning customer. Don’t force visitors to sign up and store their information if they don’t want to. You may end up losing them and sales.

Add a SSL certificate to your website and make it known that your website is protected by a credible and trusted company like GeoTrust or VeriSign. This will give them assurance that their personal and sensitive information are highly secured from any form of identity theft and will also make it easier for visitors to your website to do business with you.

In conclusion, always have it in mind that you are in business and your aim is to sell your products and services online, then it is crucial that your web presence is compelling enough to make expected sales. It must look professional to your visitors. It should be clear, concise and appealing to human reasoning so that your prospective buyers will be eager to pull out their credit cards or pick up the phone to place their orders.

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eCommerce Web Design Tips